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Gaming News

  • Former press secretary shares heartbreaking memory of how Obama broke down over Sandy Hook shooting news

    On the fifth anniversary of the deadly massacre that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, former President Barack Obama's press secretary took to social media to remember the aftermath of the attack.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 12:16:01 -0500
  • The Actual Rohingya Death Toll Is 22 Times Higher Than Official Estimate, Survey Shows news

    The outbreak of violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority has reportedly killed thousands more people than the government admits.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 08:50:26 -0500
  • Texts reveal two FBI officials in Russia inquiry had anti-Trump sentiments news

    Peter Strzok was dismissed from the Russia investigation when Robert Mueller found out about a series harshly critical text messages about candidate Donald Trump. The messages were made public Tuesday.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:22:25 -0500
  • DNC chair Perez: 'I heard Charles Barkley loudly and clearly' news

    Tom Perez suggested he agreed with Barkley’s view that Democrats have taken low-income and African-American voters “for granted.”

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:01:00 -0500
  • Sanders: Tax bill is simply a 'gift' to 1% news

    Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on the tax plan that the Republicans are expected to pass soon. He feels that the process to pass the bill has been a 'disaster'.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 04:38:35 -0500
  • Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About Alabama Election Gets A Brutal Reality Check news

    Hours after Doug Jones upset Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election, the far right began cooking up conspiracy theories about busloads of voters being brought in from out-of-state:   I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 03:30:39 -0500
  • North Korean 'ghost ship' washes up on shores of Japan as problem grows news

    A new unmanned ship from North Korea washed Japanese shores this week with at least one dead body.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 15:17:25 -0500
  • Joe Biden Says He Wishes He Had 'Been Able To Do More For Anita Hill' news

    Joe Biden is offering another apology to Anita Hill.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 09:28:46 -0500
  • 11 Congolese Fighters Have Been Jailed for Life For Raping Dozens of Children news

    A spiritual adviser reportedly told the men raping infants would give them supernatural powers

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:54:29 -0500
  • The Best Cars For 2018

    No description related. Click here to go to original article.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:27:04 -0500
  • Twitter users tell FCC chair Ajit Pai to 'kill himself' after net neutrality vote news

    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is facing backlash online after the government agency voted  Thursday to repeal landmark Obama-era rules that were designed to ensuring a free and open internet, setting up a court fight over a move that could recast the digital landscape The plan had not been popular leading up to the vote, with at least one poll from the University of Maryland finding more than 80 percent of respondents opposed the proposed repeal of net neutrality rules ahead of the vote.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:55:00 -0500
  • With Rubio a 'no' vote, where does the GOP tax bill stand? news

    Marco Rubio’s spokesperson confirms the Senator will vote “no” unless certain changes are made to the Republican tax bill. NBC’s Garrett Haake reports on the implications.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 06:33:34 -0500
  • Video Shows Trump Supporters Saying 5-Year-Old Girl 'Looks Like' A Terrorist news

    In a video that went viral on Twitter, people wearing American flag-themed clothing, including one wearing a shirt supporting President Donald Trump, can be seen laughing at a Palestinian-American family who attended a pro-Palestine rally in Los Angeles on Sunday.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:32:48 -0500
  • Battlefield researchers uncover ISIS arsenal and weapons factory in Iraq news

    NBC News goes into Tal Afar Iraq with a team of weapons researchers as they discover an ISIS arms cache and munitions factory that reveals the terrorists group’s sophisticated weapons program.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 09:55:42 -0500
  • China Is Still Building on Disputed Islands in the South China Sea news

    Tensions over China’s island-building in the South China Sea may have eased in the past year, but Beijing has kept busy.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 23:01:43 -0500
  • Geminid Meteor Shower 2017: What it is, when it's happening and where to watch it news

    This week, stargazers will witness the peak of one of the year's best shooting star displays in the United States.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 10:22:47 -0500
  • Nikki Haley Slams Iran’s Role In Yemen War, Neglects To Mention U.S. Part In Humanitarian Crisis news

    The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, stood before missile remnants that she claimed were covered in Iranian “fingerprints” on Thursday while laying out what she called “irrefutable evidence” that Tehran has violated its international obligations by militarily supporting rebels in Yemen.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:55:54 -0500
  • Family of 5-year-old boy shot in Texas church massacre ask public to send him Christmas cards news

    The family of a five-year-old boy who was injured last month in a bloody Texas church shooting is appealing to the public to help them bring a bit of holiday cheer to the boy this Christmas. Ryland Ward, who was shot five times in the First Baptist Church last month, is still in the hospital after the shooting. “You got so many nice people that are sending a card and a dollar to Ryland,” Sandy Ward, his grandmother, told local news.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 15:45:00 -0500
  • My Son Was Killed at Sandy Hook. I Can’t Go Back in Time, But I Can Try to Change the Future news

    I can’t go back in time but I can try to change the future

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:05:13 -0500
  • For captured ISIS fighters in Iraq, justice is swift and conviction certain news

    Yahoo News gets a rare look inside the courtroom where captured ISIS fighters are being tried in Iraq. The trials last about 20 minutes, convictions are virtually certain, and a lenient sentence is 15 years.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 12:49:52 -0500
  • Scientists to investigate if cigar-shaped asteroid could be an alien spacecraft news

    A team of researchers, including Stephen Hawking, is investigating whether the first known object from outside the solar system contains the first sign of life beyond our planet.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:32:17 -0500
  • 17 Gingerbread Cookies To Spice Up The Holidays

    No description related. Click here to go to original article.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:34:06 -0500
  • Trump's Lawyer Made A Really Good Case Once For Sitting A New Senator Fast news

    Jay Sekulow, one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, excoriated Senate Democrats in a 2010 blog post for not moving quickly enough to seat Republican Scott Brown after he won a special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:14:57 -0500
  • Epic Gingerbread House Fails Are Your New Favorite Holiday Tradition

    People around the world are getting into the festive spirit by attempting to create their own gingerbread houses.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 07:17:11 -0500
  • Exclusive: Ford to base Fusion production in China - sources

    Ford Motor Co plans to consolidate global production of midsize sedans in China in 2020, three sources said on Wednesday. In North America, the Fusion sedan currently is built in Hermosillo, Mexico, while in Europe, the companion Mondeo sedan is built in Valencia, Spain. Both models are expected to be redesigned in mid to late 2020, when Ford plans to shift their production to Chongqing, to a joint-venture plant operated with Ford's Chinese partner Changan Automobile Co, according to sources connected to Ford's component suppliers who are familiar with the automaker's future production plans.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:35:26 -0500
  • Time Is Running Out For Syria's Besieged Communities news

    Nearly 745,000 men, women and children in Syria are trapped inside the war-torn country’s 33 besieged communities, living in desolate conditions at the mercy of President Bashar Assad’s authoritarian regime and its armed opponents.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 09:00:57 -0500
  • Dan Johnson: Who is the Kentucky Republican politician accused of child sexual assault found dead in apparent suicide? news

    A Republican state representative who denied allegations he sexually assaulted a teenage girl has died in an apparent suicide. Dan Johnson died of a single gunshot wound after stopping his car at the end of a bridge in a secluded area of Mount Washington, Kentucky, the Bullitt County Coroner said. Mr Johnson was elected to the state legislature in 2016, part of a wave of Republican victories that gave the GOP control of the Kentucky House of Representatives for the first time in nearly 100 years.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 03:23:00 -0500
  • Indian minister warns Bollywood heavyweights over sexual exploitation news

    In a rare rebuke, an Indian minister on Thursday warned the country’s Bollywood film industry to comply with strict measures to combat sexual harassment, following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Maneka Gandhi, India’s federal Minister for Women and Child Development, took the unusual step of writing to 24 powerful Bollywood film producers, demanding they comply with Indian sexual harassment legislation to ensure a "safe, secure and inclusive work environment” for all employees. The letter was sent to major industry players, such as actors Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, as well as director Karan Johar.  “The aim of this law is to ensure that no woman is sexually harassed at her workplace,” Ms Gandhi said in her letter. "It is to be followed in letter and spirit by all organisations in the country," she added. "Bollywood filmmakers are ethically and legally accountable for the safety of not only their direct employees but of all outsourced and temporary staff as well." Britain's Prince William shakes hands with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan Credit: REUTERS/Rafiq Maqbool/Pool It is understood that more letters will be sent to other film producers.  Bollywood remains hugely male dominated, with men making up the vast majority of directors and veteran stars. The small handful of female directors are mostly confined to regional cinema.  After the Weinstein allegations broke, people in the film business in India were unconvinced they would have a #MeToo moment.   "What can we do?" Mukesh Bhatt, who co-heads production house Vishesh Films said. “We cannot keep moral cops outside every film office to see that no girl is being exploited.” Alankrita Shrivastava, director of critically acclaimed film Lipstick Under my Burkha said a women's protest movement was unlikely to happen in conservative Indian society. “The way men are being called out in Hollywood right now, I don’t know if it can happen in India.”  “In terms of how our psychology is, how patriarchy functions, it is much more entrenched,” she added. However, Ms Gandhi's stark warning gives women in Bollywood hope that their concerns will be heard. Last month Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar told a Mumbai tabloid she had been turned down for "several roles" as she did not give in to "unwanted advances" by producers and directors. Ms Bhaskar, 29, urged aspiring actresses to turn down roles rather than resort to the so-called "casting couch" to exchange sexual favours to advance their careers. Thousands of young Indian girls and boys gravitate to Bollywood every year with the aim of becoming actors. Swara Bhaskar complained of Bollywood's casting-couch culture Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images They are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, not only by unscrupulous agents promising them roles which they never get, but also by lesser known stars, producers and directors making similar promises.   Hopefuls are fearful of reporting inappropriate behaviour in case it ruins their chances of breaking into Bollywood. “It is always very subtle,” Ms Bhaskar said this week. “People try to insinuate that there are 10,000 girls for one role – so what can you do?” In the wake of the #MeToo scandal, actresses including Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadha called on Bollywood to improve its record in standing up for victims of sexual harassment and exploitation.  Sexual harassment legislation was passed in India in 2013, in response to the fatal gang rape of a 23-year old medical student on a bus in Delhi in December 2012. In November Ms Gandhi launched the online Sexual Harassment electronic-Box (SHe-Box) to register sexual harassment complaints in the workplace and to ensure the implementation of the 2013 law. She also urged all company directors to report sexual harassment cases, but activists said many victims were hesitant to register their complaints, afraid their future careers would be curtailed. Women's rights activists maintain that only 10 per cent of rape and other sexual harassment cases ever get reported in India.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:33:33 -0500
  • Texas Mom Allegedly Subjected Her Healthy Son, 8, to 323 Doctor Visits and 13 Surgeries news

    Investigators in Texas suspect a Dallas-area mom has Munchausen by proxy and they have charged her with allegedly seeking unnecessary medical care for her 8-year-old son

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:20:42 -0500
  • Minnesota's next senator: Quiet organizer came late to power news

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The woman who will be Minnesota's next U.S. senator is a largely behind-the-scenes player who came to elected office late in her career and passed up a major shot at power just a few months ago.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:22:22 -0500
  • Latest Monsanto GMO seeds raises worries of monopoly news

    The rapid growth of Monsanto's new GMO seeds resistant to the controversial herbicide dicamba has revived worries about the company's stranglehold over farming during a period of industry consolidation. Long a producer of dicamba, Monsanto last year introduced genetically-modified cotton and soybean seeds that can resist the weed killer. The products took off, amassing more than 20 percent of US soybean fields and 50 percent of US cotton fields in just two years, according to Monsanto data.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 00:54:31 -0500
  • Half Of American Voters Believe The Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Misconduct news

    Fifty percent of voters believe that the sexual misconduct allegations against President Donald Trump are “credible,” according to a new survey from Politico and Morning Consult.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 12:37:40 -0500
  • 8 Ways Divorce Attorneys Approach Relationships Differently news

    Married divorce lawyers have an interesting perspective on relationships.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:05:39 -0500
  • Forget Stealth Fighters: This Is the Plane China Needs to Take on America news

    China is looking to increase its air tanker fleet after its fighter jets, bombers and surveillance aircraft conducted an “island encirclement patrol” of Taiwan earlier this week. As the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) extends exercises in the Western Pacific, refueling will become a problem for its strike aircraft.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 09:35:00 -0500
  • Goat Cheese And Roasted Garlic Beehive, The Best Appetizer Ever news

    You know a dish is a hit when guests come back after the party to ask if there’s any left over.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:36:05 -0500
  • Fears of Israeli job cuts at Teva sparks call for general strike

    By Tova Cohen TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Reports that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is planning a restructuring involving mass layoffs in Israel sparked calls on Wednesday for a half-day general strike to be held in protest. The plan includes closing Teva's research and development center in the coastal city of Netanya, selling its logistics center in Shoham and cutting 3,300 jobs out of 6,430 nation-wide, the Israeli financial news website Calcalist reported. Teva , the world's largest generic drug maker which employs more than 56,000 people, did not comment on the details of the report.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:07:50 -0500
  • Nearly a third of all weapons used by Isil on the battlefield were manufactured in EU, report claims news

    Nearly a third of all weapons used by Isil on the battlefield were manufactured in the European Union, according to the most thorough investigation yet into how the jihadist group acquired its vast arsenal.   Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) militants relied heavily on guns and ammunition produced by Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Germany, a report released on Thursday by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), an international organisation that documents weapons trafficking in war zones, revealed. The only bigger producer of weapons used by the group was found to be China. The revelation sits uncomfortably with the EU’s effort to degrade the group’s military capacity, CAR researchers say, and highlights how easily weapons can end up in the wrong hands in "messy" conflicts. Their 200-page report provides the most comprehensive, verified study of the group’s weapons to date, presenting an analysis of more than 40,000 items recovered from Isil forces over three years. It concludes that international weapon supplies intended for rebel factions in the Syrian conflict ended up with Isil, “significantly augmenting the quantity and quality of weapons in its arsenal”. Nearly a third of all weapons used by Isil on the battlefield were manufactured in the European Union Credit: Conflict Armament Research (CAR) In the early phase of the conflict, most of the group's cache had been captured from Iraqi and Syrian forces. But from the end of 2015, CAR started to see another significant source - factories in Eastern Europe. The weapons and ammunition was being manufactured in Europe, sold to the US and Saudi Arabia, and transported across the Turkish border into Syria. They said supplies of weapons by the Washington and Riyadh to Syrian opposition groups indirectly allowed Isil to obtain a substantial amount of sophisticated anti-armour ammunition and anti-tank guided weapons (ATGW), which have then been used against coalition forces they support. "Time and again, states that seek to accomplish short-term political objectives supply weapons to groups over whom they exert little to no control," said James Bevan, the executive director of CAR. "These weapons often gravitate to the most organised and effective rebel and insurgent forces." In one case CAR tracked a number of advanced ATGWs. Using their production numbers they discovered they were manufactured in the EU, sold to the US, which supplied them to an opposition group in Syria, where they were then transferred to Isil fighters in Iraq. The 200-page report provides the most comprehensive, verified study of the group’s weapons to date, presenting an analysis of more than 40,000 items recovered from Isil forces over three years Credit: Conflict Armament Research (CAR) The full chain of transactions occurred within two months of the weapons' dispatch from the factory. In another instance, in October 2014, Romania sold 9,252 rocket-propelled grenades, known as PG-9s, to the US military. The grenades were sent by the US to Jaysh Suriyah al-­Jadid, a Syrian militia armed and trained by America to fight Isil in the east of the country. But somehow, PG-9s from this same shipment made their way to neighbouring Iraq, where Isil experts separated the stolen warheads from the original rocket motors before adding new features that made them better suited for urban combat such as the battle for Mosul. It is not clear in each case whether the weapons were willingly traded by rebel groups, or plundered by Isil. CAR also recorded a number of weapons finding their way to Syria and Iraq from other conflicts, including Libya, Yemen and South Sudan, transferred through bordering countries Turkey and Jordan. The researchers found several factories in northern Iraq and were surprised by the level of production and sophistication of their work. Credit: They warn that while the Isil has lost most of its territory, evidence shows the jihadists gained advanced weapons knowledge that can be used in future. The researchers found several factories in northern Iraq and were surprised by the level of production and sophistication of their work. “They have a demonstrated ability to manufacture improvised weapons on a large and sophisticated scale; and are able to tap into regional and international commercial markets to acquire chemical precursors for the development of ‘new’ weapons,” they reported. “Combined with global reach, demonstrated logistical and organisational capacity, and willing recruits around the world, these factors translate into an exportable capacity to conduct insurgency and terrorism well beyond the region.”

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 08:55:18 -0500
  • Americans Don't Really Understand Gun Violence news

    The massacre in Las Vegas this October earned a macabre superlative: the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 58 innocents killed and more than 500 injured. The outpouring of attention and support was swift and far-reaching. CNN published portraits of all 58 victims. A man from Chicago made 58 crosses to honor the fallen. Zappos offered to help pay for the 58 funerals. An anonymous man even paid for 58 strangers’ dinners in memory of those who died.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 06:00:00 -0500
  • Dallas Firefighter Charged in Crash That Killed Pregnant Teen news

    A Dallas firefighter has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after he allegedly caused a crash last week while off duty that killed a pregnant 18-year-old woman, PEOPLE confirms

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:11:59 -0500
  • Biden consoles daughter of ailing Arizona Sen. John McCain news

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Vice President Joe Biden sought to console the daughter of ailing Sen. John McCain after she began crying while discussing her father's battle with brain cancer on ABC's "The View."

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:23:17 -0500
  • Legionnaires' Disease Is Rising At An Alarming Rate In The U.S. news

    Health officials are increasingly concerned about the continuous uptick of Legionnaires’ disease cases, which have risen steadily since 2000.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 05:45:56 -0500
  • Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Serious About Having Religious Wedding, Church Leader Says news

    St. George’s Chapel is a stunning, historic place.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 17:33:35 -0500
  • Q&A: Tillerson changes tune on North Korea news

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may have opened the way to negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear programme, saying Washington was ready to talk "without preconditions". The apparent olive branch -- after a year of mutual threats by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and multiple missile tests by Pyongyang, coupled with its most powerful nuclear blast to date -- could help defuse sky-high tensions. The US has for years refused to talk unless the North first takes steps towards dismantling its nuclear programme.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 03:36:57 -0500
  • Thursday's Morning Email: Why Millennials Are Facing The Scariest Financial Future Since The Great Depression news

    TOP STORIES (And want to get The Morning Email each weekday?

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 07:54:34 -0500
  • Family Grows From 5 Members to 11 After the Birth of Sextuplets news

    The three boys and three girls are expected to remain in the NICU for the next month.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:03:35 -0500
  • China angered as U.S. considers navy visits to Taiwan

    By Michael Martina and Jess Macy Yu BEIJING/TAIPEI (Reuters) - China accused the United States on Thursday of interfering in its internal affairs and said it had lodged a complaint after U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law an act laying the groundwork for possible U.S. navy visits to self-ruled Taiwan. Tensions have risen in recent days after a senior Chinese diplomat threatened China would invade Taiwan if any U.S. warships made port visits to the island which China claims as its own territory.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 03:16:00 -0500
  • Cards Against Humanity Tackles Wealth Inequality, Sends Money To Poor news

    The brains behind the game Cards Against Humanity have decided to “tackle the biggest issue in the world: wealth inequality” by sending checks to 100 of their poorest customers.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 16:37:59 -0500
  • Royals join bereaved families in London tower fire memorial news

    LONDON (AP) — Britain's royals and Prime Minister Theresa May joined survivors and families of those who died in London's Grenfell Tower fire for a memorial service Thursday for the 71 people killed in the June blaze.

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 08:23:36 -0500
  • Philippine Congress votes to extend martial law in south news

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine Congress voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to approve President Rodrigo Duterte's request to extend martial law in the south by a year after the military warned that terrorist threats continue to lurk in the region despite the defeat of a disastrous pro-Islamic State group siege.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 03:26:00 -0500
  • Shark Viciously Attacks Woman On Her Honeymoon news

    Sarah Illig’s dream honeymoon in the Bahamas turned out to be a nightmare after she was bitten by a shark.

    Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:38:41 -0500
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